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The VA, in recognition of the problem of veteran homelessness, created a program called Supportive Services for Veterans Families (SSVF). The program is for veterans who have minimal income (50% AMI) and are either homeless or are facing imminent homelessness due to eviction, unstable income etc. SSVF grantees provide case management and assistance with obtaining health care, credit counseling, transportation, legal services, child care, employment as well as other benefits. The VA also allows a limited amount of financial assistance to maintain housing or rapidly rehouse, as well as short-term case management services to provide financial support, obtain household items, etc. Veterans are required to have a greater than dishonorable discharge and must meet the income criteria to be eligible for financial assistance.

SSVF became connected with a veteran who was living out of his vehicle and had been unable to see his children due to his lack of permanent, stable housing. The SSVF team was able to get him temporarily housed at a local hotel while they worked with him to find permanent housing that was suitable for himself and his family. After less than two weeks, this veteran had moved into a 2-bedroom apartment and had 3 job interviews scheduled.


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