New Horizons is located on six beautiful acres in Hebron, IL, in a building that used to be a motel. There are 14 efficiency apartments and 3 shared rooms. Homeless veterans are referred to the program through the VAs, the local jails, other homeless shelters, and via self-referral or family referral and acceptance is approved by the VA Grant and Per Diem Monitor. This program offers a wraparound approach, an intervention strategy designed to address each homeless veteran’s individual needs by “wrapping” a comprehensive array of services “around” the veteran based on his/her individual needs. Case management services include coordination of health benefits, claims assistance, criminal justice intervention, school enrollment, and enrollment in financial assistance as needed. Employment assistance, recovery support, and efforts toward stability and independent living are key to success. Veterans who do not have transportation are transported to employment and medical appointments. Recreation opportunities are provided and taught as an essential independent living and recovery skill set.

Residents who are interested in substance abuse and/or mental health recovery support can participate in individual and group services with a CADC and/or LCPC on staff. The program hosts a community AA group once per week on site and veterans from the community may attend.  Veterans are encouraged to participate in faith-based communities of their choice within the community.

Once a resident is ready to reintegrate back into the community, aftercare support begins so that he/she becomes familiar with the resources of the community. If a veteran wishes, aftercare support can continue for up to two years via weekly or monthly contact with the aftercare case manager to help address any challenges that may arise.  The site maintains a food pantry that can be accessed during or after residency at New Horizons. The program maintains a welcoming attitude to visitors, some of whom may be local veterans seeking short-term support and volunteers seeking to contribute to the program. Veterans who have resided at New Horizons speak movingly about the opportunity to transform their lives.

Program Staff

Mark Schlitt, LCPC  Program Manager   815-353-9782

Kelly Clark, MSW  Assistant Program Manager  815-353-7593

Taylor Skinner, Case Manager    815-353-0569

Raymond Hamacek, Case Manager  815-648-2203